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Our creative team of professionals brings common-sense, straightforward solutions to your eBusiness challenges. We provide training and consulting services to companies ready to fully exploit eBusiness.

Whether you need an eMarketing campaign, a training seminar or new online tools, we have the experience required to help you take the web-based part of your business to the next level!

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News & Events - Q4, 2017


This month, we are doing on-site training sessions for clients in the manufacturing and wellness sectors. Does your team need to learn more about the effective use of eBusiness technologies? internet : intelligence offers both off-the-shelf and customized courses.


In November, we are leading a number of workshops - some for clients, and others for the public. The primary focus is 'Coaching for a Wired World'. Contact us to find out more about best-in-class leadership for increasingly digital environments.


We're honoured this month to be working with leading Canadian realtors to help them expand their eMarketing campaigns and digital presence. Does your business need help in these areas? We're here for you!