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Our creative team of professionals brings common-sense, straightforward solutions to your eBusiness challenges. We provide training and consulting services to companies ready to fully exploit eBusiness.

Whether you need an eMarketing campaign, a training seminar or new online tools, we have the experience required to help you take the web-based part of your business to the next level!

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News & Events - Q4, 2017


This month, we are doing on-site training sessions for clients in the manufacturing and wellness sectors. Does your team need to learn more about the effective use of eBusiness technologies? internet : intelligence offers both off-the-shelf and customized courses.


In November, we are leading a number of workshops - some for clients, and others for the public. The primary focus is 'Coaching for a Wired World'. Contact us to find out more about best-in-class leadership for increasingly digital environments.


Lee Godfrey, our Managing Director, will once again lead a session of the world's longest-running Executive Education eMarketing seminar. Join her for this 3-day session, from December 11 to 13, by registering here.